The Uncarved Block


People and stuff that have made this website fun to produce

This is a static website hosted on AWS using S3 and Cloudfront. The site is generated using zola, which is a very fast and no-nonsense static site generator written in rust.

I also use AWS to host DNS for my sites and use fastmail for mail hosting, which means mail just works and I don't have to spend any time figuring out why it's broken or why upstream sites aren't accepting my mail. For some time now people hosting their own mail and dns have been at a big disadvantage due to the way in which large network providers have chosen to conduct the war on spam.

My pages are written using the neovim editor, and I use a Planck ortholinear dvorak keyboard.

Note: Amusingly almost all of the above has changed since I wrote the first time I made this page, so I've kept the old one around for comparison.

permalink Updated: 2020-08-12