The Uncarved Block

Please bear with me while I restore my content. At the height of the covid crisis I missed some emails from my hosting provider which said they were trying to bill me on an expired credit card. As a consequence they deleted my server and my backups.

In an unrelated catastrophe my "offsite" backup is on a computer that was bricked and that I can't get repaired until the lockdown is over.

I am restoring everything at the moment and the journey to get my content back has been an interesting unix exercise which I hope to document once it's all fully back up and running.

Since the source code to my blog (yes I wrote it myself) seems to have been irretrievably lost, I am taking the opportunity to move to using a static site generator (zola) and host on a different provider (AWS). Most of my actual content has now been recovered although the presentation will be even more minimalist than usual while I figure out how to get zola to do everything I want.

At the moment I'm aware of: